16 days of activism 2018   Leave a comment

Today is the International day of elimination of violence against women and girls which also marks the beginning of 16 days of activism. Join us and other people around the world to stand up and raise awareness against gender based violence. #HearMeToo #RunForProtection #WomesRunKE


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Religious violence extremism   Leave a comment

Due to parental busy schedule trying to make ends meet, children have been left at the mercy of peer pressure for guidance and some religious leaders are trying to bridge the gab by using distorted religious interpretation to lure the naive youths to violence extremism. Therefore moving forward its proper for parents to take leading role in upbringing of their children and monitor any unusual behaviours before it degenerated to criminal activities that might not be easy to rectify

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Cancer awareness month   Leave a comment

October being cancer awareness month our organization wasn’t left behind in collaboration with Eddah’s hope cancer foundation we were able to screen women for breast cancer an cervical cancer and also create awareness for the same in


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Women economic empowerment activities   Leave a comment

Majority of women across the world are believe to lack platform to contribute to issues affecting them so our organization has come with strategy of mobolizing, educating then empowering to give them platform to speak out and take equal role addressing the issues not only that affect them directly but also contribute to holistically tackle development agenda within their jurisdiction

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Forceful evictions   Leave a comment

Inadequate housing, high cost of living and rural urban migration in search of white collar jobs which are no longer there due to population increased have compelled many who can’t afford housing in the upper market to revert to living in slum areas. The challenge of this is the forceful eviction that follows when the intended purposes of the land where this structures were build are destroyed without putting into consideration the livelihood that are destroyed in the process. Believe there should be mechanism of putting to consideration the human dignity in the process where such undertaking are to be done

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Music   Leave a comment

Music is global language and sometimes to drive the point home you employ it to rejuvenate the mind

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Being happy   Leave a comment

If I can make one person laugh long enough to forget their problem then my day is not wasted move to empower and inspire

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