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Inadequate housing, high cost of living and rural urban migration in search of white collar jobs which are no longer there due to population increased have compelled many who can’t afford housing in the upper market to revert to living in slum areas. The challenge of this is the forceful eviction that follows when the intended purposes of the land where this structures were build are destroyed without putting into consideration the livelihood that are destroyed in the process. Believe there should be mechanism of putting to consideration the human dignity in the process where such undertaking are to be done


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Music is global language and sometimes to drive the point home you employ it to rejuvenate the mind

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Being happy   Leave a comment

If I can make one person laugh long enough to forget their problem then my day is not wasted move to empower and inspire

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Decline in agricultural production   Leave a comment

In Kenya, food consumption is outpacing food production. According to a new Institute for Security Studies report, annual agricultural production will need to increase by an estimated 75% from 2015 levels in order to meet consumption in 2030.

Kenya’s agricultural sector, the eighth largest in Africa by volume, has struggled to keep pace with consumption since the late 1990s. However, the difference between food supply and demand remained less than two metric tons until 2009

And according to the International Futures (IFs) forecasting system housed at the Frederick S Pardee Center for International Futures at the University of Denver, the gap between consumption and production is projected to widen going forward. IFs forecasts that agricultural consumption in Kenya will exceed production by nearly 20 million metric tons by 2040. This means that imports would have to meet roughly 25% of agricultural demand.

Low productivity in the agricultural sector and rapid population growth are two key dynamics responsible for this growing divergence. Figure 2 shows that Kenya has a lower average yield than other lower-middle-income and upper-middle-income countries. While Kenya’s average yield is forecast to moderately improve over the coming decades, it will probably remain comparatively low.

Meanwhile, its population of over 50 million people is growing faster than those of other lower-middle-income countries and upper-middle-income countries. By 2030, Kenya’s population is projected to rise by 15 million people – a roughly 30% increase.

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Rape is becoming a major challenge when it comes to growth of future generation and we need to involve the men to in awareness creation on various health hazards and self esteem challenged that comes with it not forgetting the stigma. And through this understanding it what will inform their knowledge that women are not just sex object but are human beings and their dignity and right should be respected at all times   Leave a comment

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Working in isolation doesn’t achieve much therefore firming formidable team

am across all network is key for better results and progress

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Giving women opportunity   Leave a comment

When you involve women in decision making and give them opportunity to implement the idea learnt the possibility of sustaining the program is far march effective since they will fully embrace the program and implement it like their own

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