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The dramatic recent progress in the numbers of children completing primary schools, a millennium development goal, does not fully addresss country needs because the children are not learning as much as they should. Many even those who reach lower secondary level can hardly read or write and are unprepared to cope with the practicalities of daily life. In several African countries half or fewer of all young women ages 15-24 cant read a simple sentence after three years of primary school. Many young do not know basic facts that could save their lives such as what causes HIV/AIDS, at a time when many begin sexual activity. Knowledge about condom use is very low regardless of grade attained in both high and low HIV prevalence countries. Therfore young people need a range of knowledge and skills to cope in todays world: literacy, numeracy, life skills and ICT skills to name just a few. But they also need a positive value system.
A positive value system cannot be simply taught, as if it were another kind of information. A value system is demonstrated by actions


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