Building economic base for the poor   Leave a comment

The critics of conscientisation exponents have often accused them of being too dogmatic and detaching rationalisation from reality thus creating a gap between awareness building and strengthening the economic base of the poor. The raising of people’s critical consciousness has been over romanticised at the expense of their economic welfare. Rhetoric in awareness raising tend to cloud over the hard facts of life. The mistake is trying to place too much emphasis on attempting to simply change attitude without providing avenue through which these changes may take place. If to be implemented effectively and within the realm of reality,conscientisation will have to address the unequal forms of distribution of resources in society. This calls for equitable shairing of material benefit and fair representation of stakeholders in public institution as they merit, including their representation in structures of governance. However, such interventions for structural changes will bear no significance impact unless accompanied by change in attitude for all of those involved.


Posted July 20, 2012 by KIVIWOSHEG in Uncategorized

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