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Restoring hope   Leave a comment

Basically the aim of this organization objective is to take care of the children holistically to make sure their wellbeing is taken care from including medical care to make sure they don’t loose out on their full potention. Esther one if our girls broke her hand a month ago but after good healthcare her hand is now fully recovered and she is back to enjoy her normal life thanks to those who supported financially and those who prayed for her quick recovery. We are glad you took your time to help and we value you all thanks so much be blessed20151220_191134


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Festive celebration   Leave a comment

You can keep the children smiling by contributing towards the children Christmas party so they too can have good lunch and gift to keep them smiling

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Importance of setting clear objective   Leave a comment

Every journey start from a single step and in order to achieve the vision and mission must set simple manageable goals followed by action geared towards fulfilling the objective and never giving up is always the motto to success as in life there is always up and downs but they are only ment to offer you strength and open your eyes on better ways of doing thing and also they form the basis of learning.

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