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There are this much hyped issue of youths who have reached 18 years to take Id’s and subsequently to register as voters in readiness for the 2017 general elections.  This clamor is good idea as its the only opportunity for them to determine the leaders that will represent them in the subsequent years but there is fundamental questions to be asked as pertaining to mismanagement of the last general election going by the number of petitions that were filed as some are still pending in court three years down the line.  What assurance do they have that the coming election the people’s decision will be reflected on the announced outcome.  Secondly we have witnessed numerous scandal happening in the recent past without clear mechanism of recovering the looted money from the public money what guaranteed do we have that the same money won’t be used to bribe voters to vote in certain manner and that their voters card is only ticket to get opportunity to share in the loot.  Like in last general election their was rhetoric fear created following the violence that occurred in 2007/8 that similar occurrence would happen in 2013 so most voters in certain informal settlement like Mathare were being offered vehicle to transport them to their respective home prior to voting day thereby denying them a chance to vote. What security measures are put in place to avert similar misleading information or how are the voters being sensitized to register in regions they feel comfortable with.  Lastly their are national leaders who are known to visit their constituents after election and are only seen during campaign when seeking for reelection . This are generally the most dangerous leaders in terms of incitement and voter bribery and as the citizens too understands this also their time to eat what was looted from them in the past years and it’s only their opportunity to enjoy what measures have been put in place to make sure the money doesn’t divide communities that have coexisted peacefully for the past years only to turn to killing each other falling to prey of divide and rule tactic of an incumbent to maintain status quo. Also there have been biasness when it comes to nominations depending on who you know or how close you are to to the party leadership or how much money you can offer the party I think this should be another important aspect to be addressed before the primaries as it help in reducing violence and bring hope that their is open space for succession. And again this issues of different institutions arm twisting the government as we had to election that unless their issues as institutions aren’t addressed they won’t vote in a particular manner this is what has led to peace meal way of


addressing issues as issues can’t be addressed holistically as citizens are left divided as a few individuals are left comfortable with how things are at the expense of the majority citizens who might not have voice to air their views.  Now those clamoring for voter registration should tell us the issues they want to tackle to warrant us register as voters and strategies they intend to use to provide solutions to the raised issues as we are not only stepping stones for individuals to achieve their personal goals of ascending to power we deserve better treatment as equal partners on how we want to be governed


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