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Need for Paradigm shift towards agriculture   Leave a comment

Agriculture has an inert potential for transforming economies 

in the global south. It holds the key to rapid job creation, 

improved health and livelihoods for majority of the world’s 

poor. The sector however suffers from inadequate resourcing 

and capacity. While acknowledging that resources is not the 

only panacea for the challenges in Agriculture, adequate 

financing for agriculture remains a viable investment for food 

and human security and improved livelihoods for farmers. 

The sector however has been making strides in adopting 

innovations and new practices to increase productivity, reduce 

cost of food consumers and increase revenue for farmers. 

More specifically, agribusiness and agri-preneurship that 

leverage on technology such as mobile telephony and the 

internet is already taking root. While the agricultural sector 

is creating new jobs and opportunities for employment, it 

requires accurate, accessible and usable data to scale-up 

this potential.

The use of data for decision-making and action for 

Agricultural growth however, remains elusive. This is because 

available data remains largely inaccessible to players along 

the Agricultural value chains: including farmers, processors, 

traders and consumers.


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Challenges faced by small scale farmers   Leave a comment

Small holder farmers like me in low-income contexts face a variety of challenges in attempting to boost their productivity to escape subsistence level farming and poverty. Not least of these is access to key agricultural input (including extension services, seeds and fertilizers) at affordable prices and in timely fashion. For smallholder farmers , timely and affordable access can in many cases be the exception rather than the norm , with poor data and information gaps frequently a root cause of market breakdowns. This is particular acute problem in the fertilizer sector, where the application of the wrong fertilizer to crops at wrong time can result in diminished yields and reduced productivity, dragging small holders rural farmers further into negative cycle of poverty and diminished economic opportunities. 

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Technology   Leave a comment

Technology and networking is key in giving farmers relevant information based the crops and fertilizer to used but also linking and sharing ideas across the globe to help in increasing productivity 

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Food security   Leave a comment

Food is the basic human need and the more we encourages many people to join the large industry the better for not only promoting food security but also addressing the unemployment and insecurity that arises from unemployment crisis

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