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If you have a desire to work for the sustainable development of the women and girls, especially poor marginalized in urban slums setting then you may join us and make the needy smile through your effort. You can also get involve with us in several ways you may choose depending on your likeness

1.    Make a donation


Make the coming years for the poor women and their families and community with the gift that will make the future grow with new hopes. You can be part of their happiness and success.

2.    Help us link up with donors


You can be a link bridge to link us up with the donors who are willing to work for the poor and marginalized. This can be the best way you can help them, through your linkages. Your contributions towards this will be remembered and will be honoured for your contributions as many families life will be transformed and all will have smiling face on their faces

3.    Educate a needy child

Spare thought for many children in slum who can not afford some of the basic necessity’s of school life. Now is your change to give a needy child a new start in life as you can be the reason a child can dream of a better future. A future of promised freedom and fair chances.

4.    Be a volunteer

You can join our school program or agribusiness venture or water and sanitation and environmental program the choice is absolutely yours


Posted April 26, 2012 by KIVIWOSHEG

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