Water shortages   Leave a comment

Water shortage is becoming toll order for slum dwellers the women have to endure scorching sun, distant, and long queue to get the precise commodity and also circumstances forced them to

 lock their young ones in the house unattended as majority work for food and can’t afford domestic worker thereby making the one ones prone to accident like recently a mother lost six months old kid after the kid drowned in basin full of water .


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Enabling female entrepreneurs and beyond | Brookings Institution   Leave a comment


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women economic empowerment    Leave a comment

When you empower women with entrepreneurship skills and link them with financial assistance you are sure the whole community living standard will be lifted and best assured heathy families will eventually be raised 

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Importance of taking action   Leave a comment

You can only realise a dream by taking action otherwise if you only continues with the dream without action it only becomes an idea thefore action is key towards realization of dream even if the strides are just minimal

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Talents   Leave a comment

even if talents aren’t inborn it can be nurtured as I strongly believe practise makes perfect as shown from the progress this children are making you can be part of their progress by supporting this project

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Opportunity   Leave a comment

Opportunity only reveals itself to those willing to move out of their comfort zones and utilizes the available resources to make change they desire to see

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Utilizing rain water   Leave a comment

when you country is blessed with favorable weather condition to sustain agriculture the only thing you can do is to utilize the land to promote food security and conserve the environment and the results from such effort doesn’t need any words as the pictures can speak for itselfs

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