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Millicent Auma Otieno

Am single parent with daughter and live in Kibera slum in Nairobi Kenya. Before Post election violence of 2007-2008 was running small scale business in Kibera lainisaba along the railway line but due to animosity between the Luo and the Kikuyu that erupted as a resistance of the purported stolen election my properties were destroyed including my houses as Lainisaba is Kikuyu dominated area hence was forced to became an IDP in my own country. As i was still pondering the next move to take since i didn’t have capital to restart my business a friend introduced me 2008 to a programme Youth Empowerment Programme which was sponsored by UN-Habitat and implemented by digital opportunity trust whereby was able to undergo training in basic ICT, business and entrepreneurial skills which i completed successfully and we were issued with certification in 2009. Immediately gotten a job with Matibabu medical centre as marketer and realised most families could not afford the basic need like even two meals a day hence even affording medical care as most live below the poverty level of 1 US dollar a day. Hence decided to turn professional and enrolled my self for diploma course in development studies and did diploma in community health and development and got distinction in the same that is academic year 2010-2011 at premese african development institute. After that i felt the need to empower the young single parent on issues affecting them especially in areas related to employment as majority do not have income to start business or certification to get decent job and were opting to prostitution in order to earn a living despite the risk of having HIV/AIDS. In 2011 Jully UN-Habitat gave me the opportunity to attend the 1st African urban forum which was held in Nigeria and the allowance that was given decided to come and roll the programme of KIVIWOSHEG and because i wanted sustainability decided to target Muthurwa market as a requirement to make sure anybody getting the fund can be able to pay back. Also realised there are several youths in slums with art skill but the impediment is getting the market to sell their end product so that they can sell more and employ other youths. And the challenges we are facing now is getting scholarship for the siblings to ease the tension on their income as you find they are the main provider for their households from food to rent to school fees and some have up to six kids to cater for. Secondly looking for partners to be able to reach out to many families as possible as currently we have 20 members who in turn have employed 20 more youths to help them run the business as they go to the market to purchase more stocks. As the founder of KIVIWOSHEG and my desire is to see a transformed society with people rising to greatness and love for children has brought about sprinkled agency support and sustain platform that is a channel for wealth creations through proper management of national resource while working to create a leadership potential as we create growth platform and partnership for MDGs. As a youth I have also explored the world of building the youth and it’s the passion that has causes them to rise above mediocrity.


Posted April 26, 2012 by KIVIWOSHEG

10 responses to “The founders background

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  1. Millicent that is a great job. I knw you are a hard working lady and i know you will take this organisation to greater heights. Keep up the good work. God bless you.Douglas

  2. Millicent,This is a story that will capture the imagination of many.This is the time for women to take charge and that is exactly what you have done. The story is read in less than five minutes,but the journey has taken you five years from after period of PEV. This Generation and the next deserve a better non violent enviroment. wish you the best as you navigate the unknown.
    Best Regards
    Fredrick Witaba

  3. Great my dear former Community Health student
    What a World Changer you are! God uses people like you to trnsform others. I am belated by your good work to the Community.
    I wish you and your family God’s strentgh and grace and I know with your determination you will make it.

    Kipchirchir Benard Kigen (Pastor & Lecturer)
    0722799870 (

    • Am greatful to have been your student it was great to have you as my lecturer and the successes that i currently achieve are as a result of your guidance am humbled and look forward to you as my mentor. Thanks very much and be blessed too

  4. Keep it up Millicent, and may God be your guide. Be blessed,and once more thanks for the great work your are doing

    Stephen Odongo

  5. Thank you for rising to the occasion to help turn around your life and that of other women in the Kibera slums. As aid Kenya Foundation/Kenya Democracy Institute, we look forward to collaborating with you and KIVIWOSHEG to change lives, impact humanity in the slums. You are a perfect example to other women leaders and entrepreneurs who can make it in tough conditions and with limited capital. It’s so bad that you were a victim of 2007/8 PEV. We can mentor you to victory and success.Thanks

  6. Bravo to a true visionary!! Thank you for saving lives that have been nipped in the bud or otherwise challenged. You shine a light in a dark corner of the world, despite great suffering and hardship that you yourself had to overcome.

    • Am very much humbled and greatful for visiting our site and recognising the effort which to others may only seem as a drop of water into the sea. But to us we are happy with the small strides which if you join hand will actually grow big.

    • Thanks Pamela Jarrett for acknowledging the efforts even if its just a drop of water in the ocean but the outcome is immerse

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